Kiln: Portland

Bringing emerging business to a mature market

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Portland, OR
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One Opportunity, Two Groups

Cobalt is partnered with Kiln as a developer and construction general contractor to bring Kiln’s  signature coworking and community hub to the Pacific Northwest. Cobalt and Kiln worked together to select a site in the Portland area, capitalize the project, and deliver the renovation construction.

Site Selection

Cobalt and Kiln performed a highly targeted search for "a very specific type of structure, in a specific type of location, within a narrow band of economics” says Bart Dickson, Partner at Cobalt. Through the team’s extended network and native understanding of the local commercial real estate landscape, Cobalt was able to identify an incredible property in southeast Portland, and even more exactingly, connect with financing partners that understood the emerging coworking business model.

An artesanal transformation

One of Kiln’s trademarks as a leader in the coworking vertical are the exquisitely crafted environments and luxury-level attention to the members’ experience. This location’s amenities include a podcast and recording studio, theater space, wellness studio with shower, full kitchen, and bike storage space. The selected property was historically used as an a bakery, so extensive renovations were needed to meet Kiln’s design and aesthetic standards. As the general contractor, the Cobalt team was able to direct a near gutting and repurposing of the entire interior in order to incorporate all the accommodations Kiln provides its members.

Timely Delivery

Within seven months of closing on the property, Kiln was open for business, with additional space and amenities delivered in a second phase. Jason Haslam, Cobalt Project Manager says "This has been such an exciting project.  We partnered with Kiln to create a space for their members to collaborate and become a hub of business activity in the Central Eastside of Portland.  After seeing the energy in the building once members moved in, I'm convinced that co-working spaces are the future of office space.  Kiln is an incredible community builder, and pairing that with our real estate and construction work has lead to wins for Cobalt, Kiln, and each or their community members."

The Project Team

Jason Haslam
Project Director
Cassie Darley
Project Manager