Oregon State Police Headquarters

Meeting complex needs with a boutique team

Partnering with Global Innovators

Salem, OR
Project Value
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Aiming to Simplify

In an effort to upgrade their facilities and consolidate leases on seven different properties, Oregon State Police worked with Cobalt to finance, design, and build a new state-of-the-art headquarters in Salem, OR. Through construction expertise and agile decision making, Cobalt delivered OSP a campus designed to their exact needs, and did so without exceeding the agency’s previous spend on facility leases.

Program Development

Cobalt's nimble and expert team streamlined the planning and pre-development process, tailoring the site, program and structures precisely for the tenants needs--including site acquisition, entitlements delivery of three buildings and 11 acres of site improvements in 16 months.

Unique Requirements

In building a structure to suit the needs of a police agency, Cobalt had to understand and  design for many highly unusual requirements. This structure would need:

  • a command and dispatch center
  • an auto mechanic “chop shop” to build specialized vehicles
  • evidence locker, an explosion-proof storage facility
  • hardened vestibules to ensure employee safety
  • big game processing chamber for preparing poached game meat for the food shelter
  • various, separated entrances for offender intake
  • large storage areas for equipment, firearms, vehicles, etc.
  • employee and public parking for 400

Substantial Results

In providing a campus which met these needs, Cobalt was able to help the OSP drastically improve coordination and collaboration among their various departments, leading to reduced officer response times, improved dispatch operations, and increased team collaboration.

The Project Team

Bart Dickson
Todd Woodley