Site Selection for Papé Machinery

Recognizing unseen value in a unique location

Partnering with Global Innovators

Total Square Feet
Target Completion
Q2 2024

New Location Needed

Cobalt was engaged to help Papé find a suitable site to replace an existing Papé-Kenworth location they had outgrown. Multiple sites had been considered, each with significant topography and land use challenges.

Recognizing Unseen Value

Cobalt led an impressive site selection team of Papé real estate personnel, an architect, consulting engineers and planners to overcome seller, land use, environmental, traffic, accessibility, and in utility infrastructure constraints.

The result- unlocking a highly visible trucking retail and service location near an Interstate 5 off ramp that had long been “undevelopable” by earlier suitors. Overcoming considerable land use and engineering constraints was remarkably rewarding for the Papé and Cobalt teams.

The Project Team

Bart Dickson
Todd Glazier
Director of Communications

Industry Perspectives